The quality of artwork submitted will have a factor on the price of stickers ordered. Stickers are ultimately cut from vector graphics, such as .AI or .EPS files. These files use mathematical formulas to draw a picture. With these file types, an image does not lose quality when it is blown up. On the contrary, .JPG, .GIF, .PNG and .BMP files are rastered graphics. They consist of a grid of pixels of various colors to form an image. When they are blown up, they lose quality. Furthermore, images found on the web are usually too poor a quality for cutting as they are generally only 72 dots per inch.

Rastered graphics CAN be converted into vector graphics, however. The better the original rastered image is, the less time will be required in converting the artwork to a vectored image. This converts to a cost savings to the customer.

Some thoughts to keep in mind when choosing your artwork:

  • Choose the highest resolution as possible
  • Choose artwork with clean edges
  • Avoid graphics where one color fades to another
  • Pick a specific font to be used in your graphic

For a quote, please email questions and any artwork to: .