How to apply these stickers

  1. Clean the surface area where the sticker is to be applied. Use glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Application of these stickers are best at temperatures between 55 - 85 degrees.
  2. Position your sticker on the surface you intend it to be applied to. Put a piece of tape, (masking tape), on either upper corner. Use a measuring tool of some kind to square it up.
  3. Apply masking tape the full distance across the top, half on on the sticker, half on the surface. Note: If a little nervous, here is where you will need the warm soapy water. When you lift the sticker, backing and transfer tape, spray a fine mist all over the area you are working on.
  4. Lift the sticker, backing and transfer tape all together. Slowly remove the wax paper backing while holding on to the sticker and transfer tape. Be VERY careful not to let the sticker fall into itself! - Keep spread out and taut. Also be sure the hinged area does not come off the transfer tape or the surface.
  5. Again, holding the sticker and transfer tape taut with one hand, start from the top and middle with your squeegee, pressing firmly work outward from top/middle to top/right then top/middle to top/left. Then squeegee width down/middle to the right and then to the left. Do not skip any area as you are working your way down or you will get bubbles or even wrinkles that you may not be able to get out.
  6. Go back over the entire area even more firmly now, try to go the same way you did originally.
  7. Remove the hinge masking tape and squeegee upwards over that area the masking tape was covering.
    ** Note: If you used the soapy water you can now make sure there are no bubbles, wrinkles and you can even straighten it a bit. Be sure the last thing you do before removing the tape if using the soapy water is SQUEEGEE FROM THE MIDDLE OF ENTIRE STICKER OUT UNTIL ALL BUBBLES, WRINKLES AND WATER ARE OUT.
  8. Now remove the transfer tape, slowly starting from one corner pulling away from the surface while keeping the transfer tape you are pulling on as close to the surface area as you can. Doing this minimizes the chances of pulling up the sticker with the transfer tape.
    ** Note: If you used the soapy water slowly dry with paper towels and let set for 10 or 15 minutes until the water you sprayed is all evaporated.
  9. With window cleaner, spray the entire area and gently clean. After several days you should be able to wash with a cloth, soap and water - not too hard and go through car washes, etc...